Goals (Motion Verbs I)

This course covers the most common motion verbs, in all tenses. After the first three lessons, you should be able to express these ideas in correct Russian:

  • I’m going to the store.
  • I go to that store often.
  • Sonya went to a lecture. (She’s not back yet.)
  • Sonya went to a lecture yesterday.
  • Sonya called me when she was going/was on her way to the lecture.

Lesson 4 introduces these contexts:

  • Dima is going to Irkutsk.
  • Dima often goes to Irkutsk.
  • Dima went to Irkutsk. (He’s not back yet.)
  • Dima went to Irkutsk last year. (He’s back now.)
  • Dima read Pushkin when he was on the way to Irkutsk.

In later lessons you’ll apply concepts from the first part of the course to contexts of running, flying, and moving in water, as well as taking, transporting, and carrying things or people.

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