Expressing “than”

Goals In this lesson you’ll two common ways to compare two things, for phrases like “Boris is older than Olga” or “It’s hotter in Spain than in Norway.” 1 Introduction 2 Practice 3 Examples Я просто сделаю некоторые вещи раньше, чем планировалось. Переписка в icq между agd-ardin и Герда (17.03.2008) Этому великому, на мой взгляд, …

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Simple Comparatives in -ее

Goals In this lesson you’ll learn to express comparisons like “This book is newer” or “That lecture was more interesting.” 1 Introduction

Adjectives after два/две, три, четыре

Goals In this lesson you’ll learn how to say “two smart cats,” “three old windows,” and “four nice dogs.” Sounds basic, but the adjective endings you’ll need here may surprise you… 1 Introduction 2 Practice