Online Course: Mastering Verbs of Motion

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Know the feeling?

I've been there. I started learning Russian as a teen, and I remember struggling with conjugations and contexts, wondering "Why can't they just say 'go'!?"

It can seem like a minefield.

But there's good news:


You can master Russian verbs of motion.

I've developed a course that gives you all you need to talk about 

  • going places, on foot & by vehicle

  • taking people and things places
  • flying, running, and swimming
  • arriving & leaving, going in, out, around, through, up, down, and more

We'll use interactive video lessons with animations so you can see what each verb means, even when there's no direct English equivalent. After watching each video, try the exercises with immediate feedback - no more waiting for the professor to grade your homework! 

Finally, activate what you've learned by practicing with downloadable audio review exercises, so you can talk with confidence about going places.

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