What students are saying

The audio, visuals and example sentences are very high quality. I look forward to using this course as a refresher!

...thanks so much for such a helpful course on verbs of motion.

...я хочу поблагодарить вас за очень качественные и интересные материалы!

It was exactly what I was looking for to review and keep improving my Russian throughout my ETA Fulbright year in Irkutsk.

...really effective and well designed...

It has very helpful material both for introducing the topic to beginners and to explaining the prefixes for intermediate students.

The audio review exercises are effective because of how convenient it is to listen to them.

Audio review exercises were very effective. I have listened to them many times while jogging etc... and will listen in the future...

The explanations in the videos were very clear and easy to understand.

I enjoyed the quizzes throughout the videos, so I could check my comprehension.

Comments on Dr. Ford's previous teaching:

Anonymous course evaluations from the University of South Carolina

Russian 121 (1st semester)

  • Dr. Ford was a great professor. Having him for Russian 121 made all of the difference for me. His enthusiasm sparked mine for Russian and now its my minor.
  • Dr. Ford is one of the best teachers I have ever had. Made Russian fun to learn. Looking forward to next semester.
  • Dr. Ford is an excellent professor, He helps everyone when they need it and always is respectful. He also grades quickly.
  • I feel more comfortable with Russian then I did with 2 years of high school Spanish.
  • Dr. Ford is a wonderful teacher & his love for Russian language is very apparent which makes lessons each day very interesting. He is also more than willing to put in extra time to make sure everyone understands.
  • Great professor, I learned a lot, fun class.

Russian 122 (2nd semester)

  • Dr. Ford is an amazing teacher and went out of his way to make sure everyone understood the material.
  • Great class, great professor. Really facilitated questions and offered explanation for every misunderstanding. I look forward to continuing taking Russian w/ Dr. Ford.
  • One of the best instructors I've ever had! He is a genius AND a brilliant guy who really cares about his students! 🙂
  • Very good teacher & difficult subject, looking forward to having him again next year.
  • Very much enjoyed the class. Always provided a relaxed learning environment.
  • Always took the time to help the students.
  • Dr. Ford is always thorough with explanations, and finds ways to relate the material to everyday situations. He is extremely smart and understanding!
  • He's an expert in his field and a great teacher! He also deals with students that are out of line very well.
  • Dr. Ford is a really great teacher. He is very understanding and kind and I like that he gives us many chances to practice our grammar and speaking.
  • Excellent instructor. Would recommend him to anyone.

Russian 201 (3rd semester)

  • Creative and effective language teacher. Among the best
  • Dr. Ford Rocks!
  • Dr. Ford is a great Russian teacher. He is very patient with his students and tries to help as much as he can.
  • Dr. Ford is by far the best and most effective language professor I have ever had. He is always extremely willing to help, incredibly patient and flexible in accomadating each and every students needs.
  • Dr. Ford is the sh*t.
  • Very much enjoyed this course. Dr. Ford is an excellent linguist and his teaching methods are great. Class was always productive and relaxed.

Russian 202 (4th semester)

  • Dr. Ford was continually helpful and enthusiastic about teaching Russian. He teaches a difficult language clearly and efficiently, and tries to make class fun as well. He obviously cares about his students, and I'm excited to have him again in the fall.
  • Great teacher; he spoke to us in Russian a lot. Knowledgeable about many current cultural things as well.
  • Dr. Ford is a really great and awesome teacher.
  • Great teacher! Always challenging us to do even better.

Russian 301 (5th semester)

  • Best Russian Teacher, Always learn a lot and great teaching style (exercises, etc.)
  • Class interaction was great and contributed to a great learning environment with a close-knit group of students.
  • Doctor Ford is Wonderful, It is obvious that he teaches because he loves Russia and wants us to excel. He is always willing to help in anyway he can and is very patient and
  • Easily one of the best instructors I've ever had. He makes it very to follow alond with sacrificing the quality of the material.
  • He's (Dr. Ford), just the best. Absolutely Love taking this class with him. He is a brilliant professor.

Russian 302 (6th semester)

  • Always very informative, understanding, explains and reinforces concepts well - excellent professor.
  • Dr. Ford is definitely one of the very best instructors I've encountered at USC. HE cares!
  • Dr. Ford is extremely knowledgeable about Russian. He has a very clear and concise way of explaining even confusing aspects of Russian grammar, and always checks to make sure that every student understands. I very much enjoy taking Russian classes with him as a professor, and feel that he truly cares about the success of his students.
  • Dr. Ford was extremely helpful in explaining topics, and incredibly open to students' questions and discussion topics, even if they did not pertain to Russian linguistics specifically but were tangentially related, which led to many interesting discussions and discovery of topics and connections between languages. On the whole, this class was lovely, a greatly increased my understanding of the Russian language, as well as a basic understanding of how all Slavic and Indo-European languages work.
  • He is an amazing teacher! He is so knowledgeable and has a way of passing it off as if each time we make an observation, he is learning from us. This and many other tricks he uses to get us confident in our knowledge creates a great atmosphere for learning that is really rare in the classroom.
  • He knows how to make challenging material very easy to understand.

Structure of Russian

  • Excellent professor - always incredibly knowledgeable and very willing to help any student whether freshman or graduate level.
  • Dr. Ford is by far, the most effective and helpful professor I have ever had.
  • Dr. Ford is extremely knowledgable about Russian linguistics and it's always a pleasure to take his courses.
  • Great class. One of my favorites. Enjoyed Russian Linguistics but also elements of other Slavic languages.
  • This professor is by far one of the best in the university, he has greatly enhanced my college career and has not only helped me to be a better student in this class but as someone who will now go on to seek a graduate degree.
  • Love this class, & Dr. Ford is awesome. I wish a class like this was offered for more languages.
  • Awesome professor! Very passionate and enthusiastic about subject matter. Created a thoughtful & challenging classroom environment and kept students engaged. Very insightful presentation of content - always.
  • One of the best lang professor I have had. He clearly passionate about his work and his teaching and it creates a productive learning environment.