Participles: Verbal Adjectives
Verbal Adverbs
Bonus Section: могучий, горячий, летучий...
Bonus Section: Practicing with the Russian National Corpus

Present Active: Exercise 3



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  1. But in these works he is no longer a fighter, not a person who is living an active life…
  2. I want to remind intelligent and thinking people:
  3. Perhaps it’s a disease of age, I’ve noticed it among many elderly, very busy people who read. –I. Grekova
  4. …but a kind of observer on the side, looking at life with a weak, skeptical smile.
  5. It’s become difficult to work, there have appeared so many idiots who say the right words.
  6. After all, a language bears the psychology of the people who speak it.
  7. And we look after the departing plane and understand – it’s forever…
  8. The tears of a person who cries often don’t shake us. But it was the first time in my life that I saw mom’s tears.
  9. A laughing person gets asked why he’s laughing. He answers: I was telling myself jokes and among them was one I’d never heard before.
  10. The document closing the case stated that the sentence on participants of the organization had been carried out… –Grossman