Before We Begin (Motion Verbs II)

To get the most out of this course, you’ll want to be reasonably comfortable with

  • the basics of conjugating verbs in the present and past
  • expressing the future in imperfective and perfective verbs
  • the conjugations of the motion verbs covered in the introductory course: ходить, идти, ездить, ехать, водить, вести, возить, вести, носить, нести, бегать, бежать, летать, лететь, плавать, плыть
  • the use of accusative endings for destinations: в Москву (to Moscow), в Бразилию (to Brazil)
  • the use of dative endings for a person’s place as a destination: к Тане (to Tanya’s place), к бабушке (to grandma’s place), к Сергею (to Sergei’s place)